My work references escapism and isolation through a vibrant lens. At least that was the original idea. However, as I have developed as an artist, my work has become less restricted by overall statements and has become more of a reflection of myself. While there are obvious reoccurring images like my Adventure Time beanie, I have started to include symbols and objects that I can personally relate to. My hope is that I can use these nostalgic images of my past to influence the viewer's idea of the past. In essence, a painting should be an extension of the artist, and my work embodies this narrative. 

   The vibrant color palettes often use create both a sense of ease and anxiety. This often creates tension between the subject depicted and the manner in which it is represented. The colors often make the painting more approachable.


Bryant Portwood received his BA at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, where he studied fine art and art history. He received his MFA in painting and anatomy from the New York Academy of Art.

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Originally from the Charlotte, North Carolina area, Bryant is currently working out of New York City.

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